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"Putting passion into fashion"

The Heartbeat Brand is a brand built on passion and love, that’s what our trademarked logos represent.  We like to ask the question; “What makes your heart beat?” And we’re spreading that love, one heartbeat at time. 


The brand began when founder and designer Parker Alexander hand drew the first Tahoe Heartbeat logo on a hat in Summer of 2016.  The design consisted of the outline of Lake Tahoe, with a custom EKG (heartbeat) design on the left and right, creating the logo Tahoe Heartbeat. Parker was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe, so his passion and love for Tahoe runs deep. 


After posting a photo of the hat on social media, he had an overwhelming response from friends wanting to buy a hat.  “At that moment, I knew I was on to something, and I got right to work.”  -Parker 


2016 I was living in San Francisco, struggling to make ends meet while attending film school. So I hand drew the first 200 hats, while waiting for iron on patches, because I knew hand drawing hats was no way to properly grow into my vision. From hand drawn, to patches, to embroidery, and now a fully cut and sewn, private label brand.  I couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work and dedication that has been put into truly building a brand from scratch. And we’re just getting started. 


After several years of great success with just Tahoe Heartbeat, I saw the opportunity for growth. So I designed over 120+ more logos, all with the same EKG design, including every state, sport, etc… And “The Heartbeat Brand” was born. We are now in the early stages of building out our designer collections for many logos. We are a brand on the rise, and there’s no stopping us now. 


We are thankful, grateful, and blessed more than we can express. We thrive to bring you the highest quality designs, that offer you the opportunity to express something you love or care about. All you have to do is ask yourself, “What makes your heart beat?”



Parker Alexander

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